We all watch HGTV right? It’s a great way to learn about fixer uppers, and touring homes! BUT-there is much more to the process!! Thanks to HGTV, the public is more aware of the home buying process! It’s great entertainment, BUT, when it’s time to get down to the nitty grtty as they say! It’s time to consult a Realtor!

You’ve heard the quote “Knowledge is Power”. It’s true, the more you know about a topic, the more confident you feel, and the less anxiety you will have when taking the big step!

Most people are experts in their chosen fields, but purchasing a home is not something we do every day, month, year or decade in some cases!

Realtors do this every day or week .(It’s not our first Rodeo!)  WE must stay educated on the current State laws, and are required to complete hours of continuing education to keep our licenses.

The VALUE of a Realtor consultation, will save you money and time. An hour of your time, is NOT wasted we guarantee!!
Buyers and Sellers always feel a sense of relief and empowerment after meeting with a Realtor.

Here are 5 basics we consult with a client-

1. Lender approval First and foremost-How do you know what area or home to look for, if you don’t know what you can qualify to purchase!

2. Choose a Property-After a Lender has given the green light, it’s time to look! The fun part!! Choosing properties! Consultation-

3. Inspections of the chosen home!! May look great at the walk through, but a licensed inspector, may find a defect we were unaware of-can you walk away? Consultation-

4. Financing-Once a Lender has you approved-that’s the beginning of the process. Consultation-

5. Insurance-What type, how much, where to go? Consultation-

Lastly-The closing! How much is a closing who pays? Consultation-

The VALUE of a Realtor Consultation, will save you time and money!

Home After Home  The Linda Fredericks Team

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