On August 12th, 2016 our area was hit with the worst flood in history. The entire southern part of our state received one years supply of rain in a span of 2-3 days. It was a slow unnamed storm that stalled above us.
The people of Louisiana stood up with heroic acts to rescue each other at this time of need. Thirteen lives were lost. Hundreds of lives were saved by the men and women of Louisiana, who took it upon themselves to take their boats out to the worst areas, knowing their neighbors would need help. They did it in a BIG WAY. Some residents literally went out on patrol not knowing what they would find. As we all witnessed on national television, a young man pulled a woman and her dog out of a sinking car, seconds before they drowned. So many stories of our people who risked their own lives to save and help others!
Louisiana Strong!
On the good news front:
Louisiana has 2 of nation’s fastest growing metro economies according to the Associated Press article in the Baton Rogue Advocate Newspaper. Louisiana’s eight metropolitan areas included two of the nation’s fastest-growing economies.
Lake Charles’ economy grew by 8.3 percent, third-fastest in the nation according to numbers released Tuesday by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. That growth was boosted by an increase in non-durable goods manufacturing, tied to oil and chemical refining.
Baton Rouge grew by 5.4 percent, 17th fastest nationwide, also boosted by non-durable goods, but even more by finance, insurance, real estate and leasing.
We will rebound from the floods, and true to our history of Katrina and other storms, we will be back better and stronger than ever!!