The public is more exposed to Real Estate, thanks to HGTV, RE Websites and the Internet more than ever before. That is a good thing.

It Portrays REALTORS®  like “The Brothers” or Million dollar home buying in Manhattan, NY or Beach homes in LA. like “we will show you this house, contact the seller and boom, after a few phone calls,  it’s all done!” So glamorous , so easy!! It is fun to watch, however that’s not quite reality. It is not even close!

The best thing about browsing the internet are the photos, which are copied from each State’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service - a cooperative central service for REALTORS®), comments, which are copied and sometimes edited without permission, from each State’s MLS. Status of listings such as Active, Pending, Contingent (what’s that?)  or Sold, which is almost always delayed by weeks or months. By the way, it’s REALTORS® who created and pay for the MLS each year who provide photos and information to the public.  Did you know you have access to our MLS? You do - ask us how.

We have all had calls-”I found this house on the internet- I love it- want to go see it and possibly make an offer, can you check it out for us?  Only to check it, and it sold 2 weeks prior. The internet is great as long as you are on a reliable site.

What’s not shown on TV or Websites  are many things. “Boots on the ground” is a popular saying, and nothing can take the place of boots(or heels,) on the ground!!  Not photos, not videos, or fancy taglines!

Without being long winded- as most attention spans are short, we strongly advise consulting and choosing one REALTOR® or Team to represent you throughout the Real Estate Transaction.  

There are some “do it yourselfers” who want to save the commission. Totally understand.

And some people who may need to move quickly, who have not owned their home long enough to build equity can not afford a Realtor.  Totally understand.

Consult a REALTOR®,  all your confidential information conveyed to us is maintained confidential with us by law!  Even items like reasons for selling is confidential if it harms your negotiating position and frequently it will.  We give you the data and facts so you can make smart decisions.


Take the time to read below,  a quick and easy - WHY Sellers need a REALTOR® and WHY Buyers need a REALTOR®.


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1.    Real Time Data on how to value your home at top MARKET value!  In the

          form of a “Competitive Market analysis” and detailed reports on pricing.

2.    Expert advice on how to PRESENT your home in the best light.

3.    Marketing-how we expose your home to the “world” 24/7.

4.    Emotions can sometimes cloud decisions, we take your place.

5.     Negotiations-a big one. An expert negotiator, can save you Thousands                          

6.    Smooth transactions make happy homeowners and buyers.

7.    Professional Networking - local and globally

8.    Code of Ethics - brings you the highest standards you expect.

9.    Objective viewpoint - to achieve your goals!    

10.    Keeping your home in front of the market